Code 1605500070
Ammunition Box Oui
Capacity 12 guns (Maximum storage capacity without scope)
Certification EN 14450 S1+ VDMA 24992 Level A + UL RSC
Type of lock Electronique
Color Textured Black
Adornment Spirale bas de porte
Spoke Handle 3 branches Silver Chrome
Fire resistance 30 min
Weight 159 kg
External depth dimension 43,00 cm
External width dimension 53,00 cm
External height dimension 147,00 cm
Internal depth dimension 28,20 cm
Internal width dimension 49,10 cm
External height dimension 136,30 cm
Removable bolts 6
Fixed bolts 3
Steel thickness door 3,40 mm
Steel thickness structure 3,00 mm

  • Fire-resistant safe for storing up to 12 guns and which also includes an ammunition box. The perfect equipment for gun and ammo storage.
  • THERMABLOCK: 30-minutes fire protection.
  • 3.5 MM STEEL DOOR: Thick, reinforced door provides increased safety and protection against forced entry.
  • 3 MM STEEL BODY: Thickness of the steel: 3 mm.
  • 9 HINGES: 9 door-mounted locking bolts.
  • PERMANENT AND REMOVABLE BOLTS: 1-inch thick active locking bolts on the top, bottom and right sides of the door. Permanent locking bolts on the left side of the door.
  • UL STANDARD :American burglaryresistance standard.
  • VDMA STANDARD : Browning safes meet VDMA 24 992 Level A standard.
  • 180° DOOR OPENING ANGLE: The door opens fully, i.e. to 180°.
  • REINFORCED DOOR: Profiled steel door frame provides even better protection against forced entry
  • AMMUNITION BOX: Safe includes a removable ammunition box.
  • ELECTRONIC LOCK: Door is closed by an electronic combination.
  • QUICK STORAGE: System offers quick retrieval and storage of guns in the door.
  • FORCE DEFLECTOR: This exclusive system prevents the handle from being forced by causing it to spin freely if excessive force is applied.

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